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and we have a primary race for State
Legislature Position B
Terry Hardman of Tensed
Laurene Sorenson of Moscow
featured below

Running for Position A is
Margie Gannon of St. Maries

For State Senate
David Nelson of Moscow

For a complete list of
all statewide candidates
see Secretary of State's site

Twenty-five years of business experience and being a
family man have taught me to be objective and
understand the needs of others first.  But also to be
assertive, proactive and tenacious in pursuing solutions

I believe the US Constitution is a non-partisan
document, the Bill of Rights applies to all people of the
US, in responsible free market economic principles,
and that the mark of civilized, free people is that they
protect and help those in need.
District 5 needs strong, effective leadership and
representation. I’m Terry Hardman, small business
owner, rancher and family man. I’d like your vote on
May 15th.
Terry Hardman
Candidate - Idaho House Rep 5B ​
Terry Hardman
Laurene Sorenson
My name is Laurene Sorensen, and  I am running for
House seat 5B.

I want to see District 5 continue to help lead the state into a
healthy, prosperous and progressive future.  I see
abundance in our great state. Unparalleled natural beauty,
clean rivers, snowy mountains to contemplate and play on.
Actual amber waves of grain. A land-grant university that
has attracted innovative people from all around the nation
and world. And a tightly-knit community with a thriving Main
Street. But I know we can and must do better to propel us
into the future. 

We can preserve our wild places for climbers, skiers, and
hunters. We can educate our children and our neighbors
for the good-paying jobs that already exist here in Idaho
and attract more well-paying jobs that will last us into the
next century. We can keep our schools and communities
safe. We can revitalize Main Streets all over our district
and state. And we can care for our most precious resource:
our health.
Our state has a lot of challenges. I believe that if we meet
these challenges together in service to each other, we can
surmount them. I want to focus on ways of revitalizing our
main streets around District 5. By creating a thriving
business community and by investing in our education
system, we can draw more and better-paying jobs. I have
experience in using the law to make a difference in people’
s lives, and I know how to make law that would help us
fashion the future we want.

That’s my vision. What’s your vision for your community?
For our state? I invite you to share it with me. You can
contact me on Facebook at Laurene Sorensen for Idaho or
by email at