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Pizza and Politics
Saturday, Feb. 17, 5 pm
Federal Building Conference Room, 7th and College, St. Maries, Idaho
Meeting with Democratic legislator
Scheduled   Rep Melissa Wintrow D -  Boise

A Democratic legislator will be in St. Maries February 17 at 5 pm to meet with locals in a Pizza & Politics
event sponsored by the  Benewah County Democrats and the Idaho Legislative Democratic Caucus.  
Currently scheduled to appear is Representative Melissa Wintrow of Boise.
Rep Wintrow does her homework.  Last year she partnered  with an inter agency working  group that
included representatives from the Idaho State Police forensics laboratory, victim’s advocacy groups, law
enforcement, crime victim’s compensation, prosecutors office, and public defense. To propose legislation
enacting legal standards to ensure that evidence collected in  sexual assault investigations will be tested in a
timely manner.  She shepherded H 528 through to unanimous approval in both the House and the Senate.